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Make Snowflakes Out of Words

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Turn Words Into Beautiful Snowflakes
Words turned into snowflakes.

The word Snow (twice), Winter,, and the name Brian were used to create these snowflakes. Can you see the words? Do you recognize any of the fonts?

© J. Bear

All you need is a vector graphics program, some fonts, and imagination. Create graphic snowflakes or icons using words. You could think of it as secret writing because the word is hidden in the snowflake. Or use non-sense words simply because they create beautiful shapes and patterns.You’ll need:

If you aren’t familiar with using an illustration program, the primary tasks you’ll need to know are:

  • How to type a word, change the font, change the size.
  • How to convert text to a path.
  • How to copy and paste an object.
  • How to rotate an object.
  • How to group objects.
  • How to change fill and stroke colors.
  • Optional: How to combine objects, manipulate paths, and apply other special effects.

Brush up on your graphics basics at Graphics Software:

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