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Brings parks, aviation, and civil rights into your summer classroom!


Lessons that Make Cents.

Lesson Plans.
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National Park and Recreation Month

Celebrate National Park and Recreation Month with our free America the Beautiful Quarters Program Lesson Plans.  Use the “share this lesson” link to share lesson plans with your colleagues.

Civil Rights Act of 1964 (July 2)

  • Dedication on Display (Teacher Feature, 2 through 8):  Researching a famous African-American who received a Congressional Gold Medal.
  • Flames of Freedom (Teacher Feature, 2 through 8):  Delving into the Civil Rights Act of 1964, events of the time, and the Act’s commemorative coin.

Independence Day (July 4)

  • Through My Eyes (Teacher Feature, 3, 4, 5, 6):  Exploring the 1986 Statue of Liberty commemorative half dollar.
  • Key to the National Anthem (9 through 12):  Describing how the events of the Battle of Baltimore inspired the lyrics of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
  • Oh Say! What a Big Flag! (4, 5, 6):  Exercising measurement skills and analyzing the national anthem.

Battle of Gettysburg (July 1–3, 1863)

  • A Day in the Life (2, 3):  Comparing how soldiers lived during the Civil War to current life.
  • What Do I Wear? (starter for 7, 8):  Researching the style of clothing or uniform worn by soldiers during the Civil War.
  • Gettysburg Twist (starter for 9 through 12):  Analyzing the Gettysburg Address and summarizing main points.

First Women’s Rights Convention
(July 19–20, 1848)

  • It’s Not JUST A Man’s World (Teacher Feature, 2 through 6):  Learning about famous historical women featured on coins.
  • Voting for Change (4, 5, 6):  Identifying events in the history of voting rights and the importance of amendments to the Constitution.

Time for Space

John Glenn (July 18, 1921)
First Moon Landing (July 20, 1969)
Apollo 11 Returns (July 24, 1969)

  • Pioneers in Space (K, 1):  Learning about the word “pioneer” and aviation pioneers from Ohio.
  • Flying High in Ohio (2, 3):  Using a graphic organizer to compare two sets of aviation pioneers.
  • A Life Without Flight (4, 5, 6):  Exploring the impact of Ohio’s aviation pioneers on life in America.
  • Many Happy Returns (4, 5, 6):  Connecting the past and the present and comparing the Lewis and Clark Expedition with the flight of Apollo 11.
  • Exploration Across Eras (9 through 12):  Chronicling events of Lewis and Clark and the space program of the 1960s.

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Activities illustrated.

Coin of the Month

Introduce your students to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollar.  Read the July Coin of the Month to learn about honoring the 50th anniversary of the passing into law of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with this commemorative coin.

Incorporate the companion Teacher Feature, Flames of Freedom, which uses Social Studies and Language Arts standards.

Learn more.

Making Cents

The summer issue of Making Cents, the quarterly e-newsletter, has arrived!  Have your students see what’s new and solve the summer puzzle using issue-specific vocabulary.

Celebrate Our Parks

July is National Park and Recreation Month.  Visit our kids’ America the Beautiful Quarters® Program page to find out more about the chosen national parks.

Independence Day (July 4)

Invite your students to visit our Independence Day page to learn more about the holiday and the Declaration of Independence.  Have them test their knowledge with the trivia quiz!

First American Passport (July 8, 1796)

  • Coins of the World: This interactive activity prompts students to create a passport and virtually travel to different countries, where they compare cultures, cuisines, and coins.

Looking Ahead.

Illustrations relating to the next issue.

August Events

William Clark (August 1, 1770) Meriwether Lewis (August 18, 1774)

Teach your students about Lewis and Clark with our Westward Journey Nickel Series lesson plans.

Lincoln Cent (issued August 2, 1909)

Story Hour with Lincoln (K, 1):  Learning about major accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln.

Celebration of Aviation Day (August 19)

When Pigs Fly (game):  Students learn about the Wright Brothers’ famous flight and the basics of how a plane flies, then build and fly their own plane.

Summer Planning Aids

Let us help you with your planning this summer. Use our searchable lesson plan collection.  Download lessons for math, science, social studies, language arts, and more as you look ahead to the new school year and fall’s curricular needs.

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