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The Reclamation Administration

It took 45 tons of recycled steel and wood to put this beast together. Overall, the elephant is about 39 feet high and 26 feet wide. It was meant to be an approximate replica of The Sultan’s Elephant, a huge elephant sculpture created for the traveling French public art show of the same name.

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How I make animated GIFs

Movies Silently

This is probably the number one question that I receive from fellow bloggers so I thought I would do a quick post on the topic.

1. I use Corel WinDVD to capture the GIF.

The software allows you to press a button and capture up to 15 seconds of imagery in GIF form. (It is also what I use for my review screen caps.)

As of this writing, the software has a 30 day free trial period.

2. I edit the GIF in Photoshop

I edit the speed of the GIF, the size and other features using Photoshop. The much-much-cheaper Photoshop Elements is also capable of editing GIFs. I have also heard of folks using GIMP (a freeeware image editor) successfully for their GIFs.

There are tons of tutorials available online for you GIF-makers. I am just a hobbyest so if you have any tech support issues, please contact…

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Ultimate Guide to Memorial Day Weekend App Sales

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SoshiTech - Soshitech.com

This article was written by Kristin DelMuto. She is currently a senior at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts. In May 2012 she will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Kristin is very eager to get started in the world. She has always known she would want to be working in the Entertainment industry. She would love to pursue a career in Entertainment and move to Los Angeles, California or New York City. In the past, Kristin has been an intern at Picture This Television, a small production company based in New York City. Currently, she is an intern for Boston’s Hit Music Radio Station, Kiss 108 FM. While she is very open to what field in Entertainment she would like to focus on, the music industry is a number one goal of hers. She does have a little bit of musical background and skills, but since…

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SoshiTech - Soshitech.com

This article was written by Heather Wilson. She is a senior at Chico State majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Nutrition. After graduating in the fall 2012, she hopes to pursue her career in New York City or London as a publicist. While at Chico State Heather has been an active member of the Nutrition and Food Sciences Association and volunteers as the Head Coach for Butte County’s non-profit organization Girls on the Run. Last summer, she was an intern at McEntyre Public Relations in New York City and fell in love with every aspect of life as a public relations practitioner. When she is not writing, or focusing on schoolwork, Heather enjoys running and training for marathons. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Pinterest, the new up and coming social media tool, has been popular among millions of consumers since August 2011…

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