SCAM ALERT – Microsoft Virus – Phone Call

I just received a call from “Microsoft” saying my computer had a virus and I needed to turn it on so they could fix the problem.  I don’t think so!  When have you ever seen Microsoft be proacitive?

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New uses for old smartphones

Source: – by Kim Komando

Q. I just bought a brand new iPhone and I love it. But this means my old iPhone is just sitting in my junk drawer. I hate to think that it’s going to waste. Is there something else I can do with it? -Sean, from Minneapolis, MN, listens to my weekly radio show on KTCN 1130 AM.

A. This is a great question, Sean. Thanks to two-year cellular contracts and tons of new phones on the market, many people are piling up older, unused smartphones.

Most of these are still perfectly usable even without a cellular connection. In fact, they’re basically portable computers.

All you need is the right apps and hardware and you can do quite a bit with them.

One of the most obvious uses for an old smartphone is a media player. Just load up some music or movies and you’re ready to go. Some phones even have expandable microSD storage so you can add more capacity.

An old smartphone makes a great portable gaming device, too. It might not have the same titles as a Nintendo DS, but new mobile games are released all the time! You can download any game in your phone’s app store over Wi-Fi.

Both of these are great options for entertaining kids on long car rides.

Speaking of the car, do you need a basic GPS unit? Some apps, like CoPilot, allow you to download maps for offline use. You won’t have turn-by-turn navigation, but you can still look up where you are.

Plus, the phone will be good in an emergency. Phones that don’t have service can still call 911 as long as the battery works.

If you have a GSM-based smartphone, you can buy a prepaid SIM card for cellular access. Then give the smartphone to a younger kid. They get a smartphone and you can control how much time they spend talking.

Closer to home, you can turn your old smartphone into a free Wi-Fi home phone. You can also use most video chat apps as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Tired of mixing up home theater remotes? Turn your smartphone into a dedicated universal remote.

Many people prefer to keep an older phone as a backup. If you lose or break your new iPhone, for example, you’ll want that old iPhone hanging around.

If none of this appeals to you, you can make a few bucks selling your old phone. If you don’t find a price worth the effort, you can always recycle or donate it to charity.

Smartphones are great, but they can empty your wallet fast if you aren’t careful. Save some money with these helpful hints.

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Carrying a Love of Windows Just a Bit Too Far [Humorous Image]


There is such a thing as loving an operating system and then there is…

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Shake hands with Social Media – It’s Good for Business!

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4 Tips for Finding Great Websites for Kids

Source: Tech Savvy Parents  by

When arranging a playdate, you always know where your child is going and who they’re playing with.  You’d never let them go off unattended if there wasn’t a level of comfort and trust.  Just like you’d never let your child go to a stranger’s house for a playdate, letting them visit sites that you haven’t personally previewed isn’t a good idea either.

The internet is a treasure trove of information that is great for adults but not always for children.  Here are 4 things to look for when websites and online games for your child:

Easy to navigate with a user friendly layout.  The first page should always fit on the computer screen and not require any scrolling. The page should be designed so that links to other pages are easy to find.  The site doesn’t need to be complicated with moving images, lots of graphics or tons of text.  Simple is better.

Age appropriate content.  For a preschooler who is just beginning to read, there shouldn’t be an overwhelming amount of text that they will need to read in order to navigate the site.  Activities and games should be just right for the child and not too difficult.

Few or no ads. With an abundance of ads, children are often enticed by the images such as fast food restaurants logos, favorite television characters, and toys.  Children click on familiar images out of curiosity but can be easily led away from their game and on to another site.  When this occurs, it’s like going down a rabbit hole that is hard to get out of.  Not only is it is nearly impossible for a young child to navigate back to the original website, but the content can be questionable for young children.  In a frenzy of clicking to try to return to the original website, it only takes a couple more clicks for a child to accidentally get to content that’s not appropriate for their young eyes or to a place where one more click will fill your home computer with viruses.

Trusted partner in education. These days companies are partnering to license their content both on and offline.  Licensed merchandise available in retail stores helps young children act out their world with the characters they love and these same characters can often be found online.  Online games with friends from television shows and books can help kids practice their skills in an interactive way.  Look for trusted names in education such as Scholastic and PBS Kids that provide quality educational experiences through their websites.

Even if the sites meet the criteria above, by no means should your child be left unattended while playing online.  Always keep an ear out and an eye on what they’re doing to keep them safe and ensure that the content is fun rather than frustrating.

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SoshiTech -

This article was written by Kristin DelMuto. She is currently a senior at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts. In May 2012 she will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Kristin is very eager to get started in the world. She has always known she would want to be working in the Entertainment industry. She would love to pursue a career in Entertainment and move to Los Angeles, California or New York City. In the past, Kristin has been an intern at Picture This Television, a small production company based in New York City. Currently, she is an intern for Boston’s Hit Music Radio Station, Kiss 108 FM. While she is very open to what field in Entertainment she would like to focus on, the music industry is a number one goal of hers. She does have a little bit of musical background and skills, but since…

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SoshiTech -

This article was written by Heather Wilson. She is a senior at Chico State majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Nutrition. After graduating in the fall 2012, she hopes to pursue her career in New York City or London as a publicist. While at Chico State Heather has been an active member of the Nutrition and Food Sciences Association and volunteers as the Head Coach for Butte County’s non-profit organization Girls on the Run. Last summer, she was an intern at McEntyre Public Relations in New York City and fell in love with every aspect of life as a public relations practitioner. When she is not writing, or focusing on schoolwork, Heather enjoys running and training for marathons. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Pinterest, the new up and coming social media tool, has been popular among millions of consumers since August 2011…

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Slow Android


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Kroger Installs Shop24 Robotic Store At Ohio Northern University

My family recently attended orientation for new students at SUNY Cortland. While my wife and daughter attended a meeting, my young son and I were waiting at the picnic tables by the biggest vending…

Shop24 Global installed a new robotic store location at Ohio Northern University. Founded in 1871, Ohio Northern University is a selective, private, comprehensive university, comprising five colleges with nationally ranked arts, sciences and…

Shop24 Global installed a new robotic store location at Ohio Northern University. Founded in 1871, Ohio Northern University (ONU) in Ada, Ohio is a selective, private, comprehensive university, comprising five colleges with nationally ranked arts, sciences and professional programs. 

Kroger, Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the nation’s largest grocery retailers. The Kroger Co. spans many states with store formats that include grocery and multi-department stores, convenience stores and mall jewelry stores. They operate under nearly two dozen banners, all of which share the same belief in building strong local ties and brand loyalty with our customers.  Kroger will now own and operate this new Shop24 store location providing yet one more option of convenience to their customers.

The Shop24 ultra convenience store is a self-contained, refrigerated and robotic convenience store designed to enable 24/7/365 consumer purchasing. Originally operated in Europe and the east coast of the U.S., Shop24 brings an innovative idea to ultra-convenience, dispensing a variety of items such as snacks, cleaning supplies, medicine and even full meals closer to the customer and in a fraction of the time it takes to go to and shop at a traditional convenience store. The more than nine-foot-tall machine offers up to 200 traditional convenience-store items ranging in weight from less than 1 ounce to 8 pounds. Shop24 accepts different methods of payment including cash, credit cards, debit cards, and supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) cards 24 hours a day, as well as many student meal cards.

“It’s exciting to see Kroger install a Shop24 at their first University location. This is a terrific brand extension opportunity for Kroger and a fantastic 24 hour retail convenience for the ONU students,” said Jason Santoro, regional vice president for Shop24 Global, LLC in a prepared statement.

Experts say there is a huge market for this type of ultra-convenience store and it is the wave of the future for the convenience store shopping experience. These stores even create the need for more jobs with the addition of delivery drivers, distributions centers, and managers. Shop24 does not discount the need for grocery and convenience stores, but knows that consumers want to have their purchases quickly in this fast paced world.

To learn more about Shop24, please visit the website: or call: 866-973-2424.


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My Robosapien Style Robot

Found this little guy for $4.99 at the Goodwill.  If I can get the controller for him he’s a Very Hot robot toys. It has the same style and full funcation with the RoboSapien robot toy. Only because it has been made in china, we named it as Roboactor…
R/C Robot with Infrared Control
Model Number: RRC46693
Robot dimensions:34x32x15.80cm

– Real multi-speed fast dynamic walking, running, and turning.
– Fast, full function arms with two types of grippers.
– 67 pre-programmed functions including pick-up, throw, kick, sweep, dance, fart, beltch, rap, and half-a-dozen different kung-fu moves.
Speaks fluent international caveman.
– Programmable reflexes to touch, pickup, kicks, or sound.
– Up to 84 program steps, with 4 program modes for advanced operations,.
– No computer required, all functions handled by ergonomic remote control.
– Runs on regular batteries for over 6 hours.
– Three demonstration modes: Disco dance, Rude behavior, and Kung Fu kata.
– Simple enough for kids, advanced enough for adults, it’s like a video game character for the home

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